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Supreme Court rejects atheists’ attempt to scrub ‘In God We Trust’ off US currency

“The Supreme Court rejected an atheist case Monday to remove “In God We Trust,” the national motto, from all coins and currency from the Department

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California city approves adding ‘In God We Trust’ to police, fire vehicles

“After much controversy, the Bakersfield, Calif., City Council on Wednesday approved a proposal to add “In God We Trust” decals to both police

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Pennsylvania School Board Decrees “In God We Trust” Can Be Displayed in Local Schools

“The Greencastle-Antrim School Board in Greencastle, PA has voted unanimously to allow the national motto “In God We Trust” and

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Delano County Police Department Adds ‘In God We Trust’

Delano County Police Department in California adds “In God We Trust” to their police vehicles.  Watch the video here!

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‘In God We Trust’ to be displayed in all public schools

Starting in the 2019-20 school year, the saying ‘In God We Trust’ will be required to be on display in

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Mississippi Adds In God We Trust to License Plates

This year, the state of Mississippi is adding “In God We Trust” to all of its standard-issue license plates. Republican Gov. Phil Bryant announced the move in May 2018.

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‘In God We Trust’ signs coming to Lafayette Parish public schools

More great news for our National Motto! Wooden signs with “In God We Trust” etched on them will be on display in all Lafayette Parish public schools in Louisiana, beginning in January.

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In God We Trust Passes 3 MILLION!

Because of YOU, the fight for faith in America has just shattered another milestone! As of today, more than 3,000,175

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Lake County School Division in Florida Display ‘In God We Trust’

The Lake County School District has complied with a new state law that requires schools to display “In God We

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‘In God We Trust’ at public schools becomes law

Hundreds of public schools in Louisiana will have to display the national motto of “In God We Trust” on their buildings

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