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VICTORY: Federal Appeals Court Upholds Our National Motto, Dismissing Atheist Challenge to “In God We Trust” on Our Currency

Victory for our national motto! A federal appellate court has just dismissed an atheist lawsuit, determining that our National Motto –

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Arizona Puts God Back Into The Conversation

The Arizona legislators took bold steps recently to put God back into the public conversation, by protecting and promoting the

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Tennessee Puts God Back In Schools

The National Motto in the Classroom Act requires that “In God We Trust” be prominently displayed in every Tennessee school. The support from the citizens in Tennessee has been overwhelming!

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‘In God We Trust’ Signs Go Up in Arkansas Schools

Hundreds of posters proclaiming the national motto “In God we trust” have been distributed and soon will be on display

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Victory for ‘In God We Trust’ In Beaumont, Texas!

Beaumont City Council in Beaumont, Texas, will add “In God We Trust” decals to the city’s 185 fire, police and EMS vehicles!

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“In God We Trust” Wins Again!

An Ohio federal court dismissed a lawsuit by atheist Michael Newdow. ACLJ defended the National Motto, and over 50 members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus signed onto an amicus brief, including co-chairs Congressman Randy Forbes and Senator James Lankford, urging the court to dismiss this erroneous lawsuit. Read more »

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“In God We Trust” Decal on Police Cars Raising Eyebrows

After responding to requests of citizens, Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in Michigan has begun putting “In God We Trust” decals on their patrol cars! One organization that advocates for separation of church and state would like to see it removed. Read more »

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It is Worth Taking A Bold Stand

A big thank-you goes to Chairman William Hadley and members of the Stephenson County Board in Illinois, for voting to

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Northeast Nebraska County to Add ‘In God We Trust’ to Courthouse

After a 4-2 vote, The Thurston County Board of Supervisors decided to add our National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ in a prominent place in the county courthouse. Read more »

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‘In God We Trust’ to be installed on King Police Department building

In June of this year, King City Council voted unanimously to place “In God We Trust” on the front of City Hall, and on police and fire vehicles. The council made the same decision on Aug. 1 to add the national motto to the exterior façade of King’s Police Department. Read more »

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