Nebraska Senator Mobilizes Legislators

Senator Bill Kintner has joined the nationwide effort to display America’s National Motto “In God We Trust,” and is now leading the charge in Nebraska! In the battle to retain religious freedom, Senator Kintner responded to the urgent mandate that we are to protect God’s enduring and rightful place in our country.

In response to the “In God We Trust” 60th Anniversary Blitz, he has invited fellow elected officials to join him in reaffirming God’s place in the public square by proudly displaying these four powerful words, “In God We Trust,” in their spheres of influence.

In the letter to his colleagues, Senator Kintner reminds them where our rights come from, and that they are not to be given or taken away by governments or man, “Our public affirmation of the One who gives us our inalienable rights expressed in our founding documents – the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States – and recognized by our National Motto, can and should be displayed publicly”.

Thank you Senator Kintner for boldly taking a stand for faith and freedom, and for your commitment to see America’s National Motto remain Nebraska’s anthem. Together, we can sweep the nation with an affirmation of God’s enduring place, by proclaiming “In God We Trust.”

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