‘In God We Trust’ – A Catalyst For Conversation

Steve Clark has a real passion for inspiring people with the simple but powerful words of our national motto, ‘In God We Trust.’  “I can’t describe it,” Steve said, “I’m just led by the Lord to do it.”

Living in Winter Haven, Florida, Steve got a new lease on life 4 years ago through the grace of God, and ever since, he’s been sharing his faith with others whenever he can.

“When I saw the ‘In God We Trust’ posters offered by the CPCF,” he said, “I knew I could use them as a catalyst to start a conversation.” Steve uses the posters to create beautiful mounted displays, and gives them as gifts to his neighbors and to local businesses. He’s already given away nearly 30 of them.

“’In God We Trust’ is such a vital part of our country,” Steve said. “It’s such a blessing to see these posters open conversations between owners and employees, friends, neighbors, and especially veterans.”  Steve’s not alone in his passion for our national motto. Almost 3 million people are proudly displaying ‘In God We Trust’ in their homes, businesses, schools, and government buildings across America.

Join The Million Window Campaign


decals on windows!


You can join millions of Americans who are affirming their trust in God – and the freedom to proclaim it – by displaying this 3″ x 6” window decal in your home, office or vehicle.  Actual decal has clear background.