Posters in Schools

Put “In God We Trust” Up in Schools The movement to affirm our trust in God – and the freedom

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Become an Ambassador

Download the Ambassador Packet Inform government leaders of their right to display America’s national motto in their chambers and offices. Contact

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Post on Social Media

Technology has given us the opportunity to make important information go viral in minutes. Together, using these tools, we can sweep

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Display it Privately

This is an excellent way to take a strong stand. Our online store has items available as needed. Display In

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Display it Publicly

No matter what we’ve been led to believe, we CAN discuss God in the public arena, our children can discuss

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Get Involved

Join the movement to display “In God We Trust” across the nation. Get your window decal… become a partnering organization…

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Join The Million Window Campaign


decals on windows!


You can join millions of Americans who are affirming their trust in God – and the freedom to proclaim it – by displaying this 3″ x 6” window decal in your home, office or vehicle.  Actual decal has clear background.